Tips to those contemplating divorce:

During separations, the person you once loved can become an unrecognizable force of terror.  Unfortunately, lawyers cannot protect you from being unfairly treated financially or otherwise during the litigation process.  But there is good news!  You can protect yourself to prevent financial abuse and defend yourself from false allegations.  When contemplating a divorce, here are some tips that will help you along the way.

  • Make a list of all the marital assets complete with account numbers and contact information for each asset.

  • Be sure to include retirement accounts and other investments.

  • Make copies of all joint credit card statements and monitor the use of all credit card accounts.

  • Keep a record of any unusual cash advances of credit purchases as the opposing party may be held responsible for any misuse of marital assets.

  • If you have a direct deposit linked to a joint checking account, transfer your direct deposit payments into a new, single account that your spouse does not have access to.

  • If you are willingly or temporarily making alimony or child support payments, keep proof of payments.

  • Do not make payments in cash.  Only make payments in the form of bank transfers, money orders, or checks.

  • When making payments for child care services or medical services, request a receipt for each payment made including your name, the date, and the amount paid.

  • If purchasing items like clothing, school supplies, pampers, or formula, keep your receipts.

  • Use a communication app like Talking Parents to keep communications civil between parties as statements made using third party monitoring apps can be used in court.

  • If any gifts were made during the marriage, for example a car or expensive jewelry, find proof that those items are in fact gifts and not joint marital assets.  Acceptable proof can be in the form of a birthday card or special note, voicemails, and pictures.

  • Never use children to relay information between adults.

  • Many parents are required to take a parenting class during litigation, so get a head start and take the class as soon as possible, keeping proof of the same in the form of a certificate of course completion.

  • Save any threatening emails, voicemails, and messages.

  • If there are any threats of a violent nature, contact your local police department for help.


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